In 2006 Chris & Chitel Pierre started R.E. Photography, a full service photography company specializing in Real Estate listings and Architectural Photography. As Real Estate Photographers, we’ve built a strategy for producing high quality images, on a consistent basis.

Our first Focus has always been high quality imagery, because photography is the foundation of any good listing presentation, and now that Video has become so prevalent and the dominant form of marketing we always encourage our clients to add video to their listing presentations for the best results.

Every home is different and lighting is always the most important thing when it comes to photography. We need to use creative lighting techniques to ensure we get great shots for every room. We’ve always been able to capture images that compliment a home in its best light, and we have a good eye for what will stand out in an image or distract the viewer from seeing their potential new home.

“As Real Estate Photographers, we’ve photographed 1000’s of homes over the years, and we’ve learned a lot in practice. I know my photography has definitely evolved and that experience is a key part of the end result.”

-Chris Pierre

Staging is also a big factor today but even though the majority of homes are being staged there are staging elements that look good when you’re in the home but distract the eye in a picture.

“My work has evolved as well and I still have to be on top of the production when properties are staged because stagers look at rooms through their human eye while I have to look at rooms through the eye of a lens.”

-Chitel Pierre

We started R.E. Photography because we saw a need for better quality images for the real estate market and over the past 14 years the real estate market has helped us improve the quality of our images and our service.

  • Family Room
  • Living Room
  • Great Room

Lighting is always the challenge, from room to room, the light can be different so we’re always mindful of that. Soft, uniform, natural light is what we hope for but we’ll adapt to what we’re given.