With over 14 years of specialized experience with photographing real estate listings, businesses, communities, completed and incomplete job sites, we’ve been able to create a formula for producing high quality images.

While it is important to bring the right tools to every job, in our case photography gear, the right gear is not always the most expensive gear. Knowing what’s needed is far more valuable a tool than an expensive piece of gear that won’t produce a higher quality product.

Techniques for capturing the right angles, exposure and focus have less to do with our gear and more to do with our knowledge of how to use it. How we use the tools that we carry with us is much more valuable to you than how much it cost. We’ll fluff a home if its needed, what we won’t do is fluff the importance of expensive tools in order to demand more of your hard earned money!

  • Great Room

Taken using a Nikon D7100 camera and 10-24mm Nikkor lens.